Nagoya facial Salon "Beauty & Healing SAKURA"
It is women want to skin you want to become a small face, not symi and want to moisturize skin sliding on side.
Shop out of Nagoya Municipal Subway sakurayama station No.4 exit, right away.



Fight off your worries! Facial

Dry busters! Moisture facial (60Points)

Would want to touch soft
Sliding skin
You can charge double facial
With a water Pack menu

< Participants recommended >

□ get to dry
□ Casa skin rejuvenating the
□ How to smooth skin you want to be
□ would you like fresh skin

Repel dullness! Beauty white facial (80Points)

For those who want to get porcelain skin with a clear sense of the
Whitening care and and even better moisturizer
With a white mask menu

< Participants recommended >

□ want to whitening care
□ rejuvenating your skin dullness
□ How to be skin blemishes

Wrinkle busters! Skin rejuvenation (70Points)

Activates collagen in the photo light
Pan out and the
Had the elasticity of youthful skin

To support the activity of the skin
Power charge Pack menu

< Participants recommended >

□ want to skin elasticity
□ elastic puru that I wish to bare skin
□ rejuvenating your face wrinkles

Sagging busters! Lift-up (120Points)

Lift up and then you want to!
Want to become a little face!
Ageing care and want to!
You want to be healed!

The answer to all!

→ back shoulder-neck lymphatic drainage of the face, I lift the
According to SAKURA's own lifting technology
Pervasive component equivalent to five times the normal skin
Will tightening kyutto plaster with a pack menu

< Participants recommended >

□ rejuvenating the sagging of the face
□ who ended up on the eye wrinkles on the neck
□ want to clean around the face
□ want to aging

Small facial facial

Quick small face (45Points)
Want to become a little face!
Just another approach simply part
Omit minor facial care other than any
Quick school menu

Small facial skin plan(60Points)
Small face course!
But it's just not good enough
潤u moist and vibrating action can become skin
Small face moisturize menu

Small face lift-up plan (70Points)
With a small face care
Relax also neck and neck Lymphoma
Face line and around the collarbone sukkiri

Kyutto can
Small face lift is satisfaction.


* All prices are tax included.(It works hard at this price between 8% sales tax)


1DAY courses(1Times)
Course preparing for the wedding, new House, I not get to work!
Such brides like to one DAY bridal course recommended

-After workLate timeBut I will respond. Please contact by phone for not giving up.
Also, for the best conditions on the day of the late-3 days prior to please.

3rd intensive course.(Three care.)
Skin care for the surge just before the ceremony, wedding beauty treatment three times and on the day of complete set!
Such brides like to one DAY bridal course recommended

-After workLate timeBut I will respond. Please contact by phone for not giving up.
-On that day to the best conditions to start 1st 2 weeks ago.

1Que on course(3-Five times)
Just rest until the wedding!
Serving that well, this source has in the turbulence of life tend to accumulate stress.
Change of pace, I wentBrides who want to set the condition of your skin recommendedIt is.

Planning course(About 2-3 months)
Fit the big day planned want to be prepared!
Brides who want attractive body as well as your skin is a recommended plan.