Nagoya facial Salon "Beauty & Healing SAKURA"
It is women want to skin you want to become a small face, not symi and want to moisturize skin sliding on side.
Shop out of Nagoya Municipal Subway sakurayama station No.4 exit, right away.


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2018In January 4th. : : [From 1/5 is a start:
[Open 1/5] . 名古屋のフェイシャルエステ専門 Beauty&HealingSAKURA 和泉摩子(いずみま...


2018One day in January. : : [Availability] 2018.01.01 current
Is the availability of the latest guidance (2018.01.01現在) 1月 1(Moon) × 2(Fire) × 3(Water) × 4(Wood) × 5(Gold) 15:30 (4) 18:30 ...

Facial beauty salon
Beauty & HealingSAKURA 
(Beauty and healing Sakura)

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(There is a say for the first time, as much as possible make a reservation by phone please)


Cases * in the treatment and can't come to the phone.
Please wait for a while back, so I'll call you.

Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Mizuho-Ku, Mizuho-Dori 1-37-1
The Mork sakurayama 401

Hours of operation(3→ system varies in availability check)
10 (1):30and (2) 14:00and (3) 17:30~

Customers within Nagoya City is, of course,Nagoya (sakurayama, Showa-Ku,, Mizuho-Ku,, tenpaku-Ku, Midori-Ku, Minami-ku,, Naka-ku, Nakamura-Ku,, Kita-ku,, Moriyama-Ku,), Inazawa, Kiso, Hashima, Gifu, ōgaki, much city, Kasugai, Komaki, Konan, iwakura, Nissin, Yatomi, Tsushima, and love Western City, oharu-Cho, Kariya, anjo, OBU, Kiyosu, North NagoyaAnd we come from.span >

2017年12月28日 : : [Sales this year are up to 12/29]
【12月30日まで営業しています】.名古屋のフェイシャルエステ専門Beauty&HealingSAKURA 和泉摩子(いずみまこ...

2017December 18. : : [Say goodbye to acne skin]
【お肌が?】.名古屋の美肌エステサロンBeauty&HealingSAKURA 和泉摩子(いずみまこ)です.今日のお客様は立ち...

2017年12月15日 : : [Dry warning]

予約 エステ 名古屋 和泉摩子 アンチエイジング 美魔女 若い 老化防止