Nagoya facial Salon "Beauty & Healing SAKURA"
It is women want to skin you want to become a small face, not symi and want to moisturize skin sliding on side.
Shop out of Nagoya Municipal Subway sakurayama station No.4 exit, right away.

For first time visitors

For first time visitors

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Voice of the customer

Mid. / 40s
Will spread out the body first. At this point all soft body and relax.
Massage of the foot during the whitening that you pack, and will take it precisely what inflames facial course politely any offer but also hilarious though much pain of feeling not-!
Very ideal business or poke Serina told me the treatment!
Staff with the fun talk(*Be é ∀ ' *)

Women / 10 late / student
Staff very friendly atmosphere and relaxed time.
Leg lymph was very refreshing, hardens his swollen legs. Nice comfort after a moment of pain and pain(^-^)

Women, early 20's, Japanese / Office worker
Staff friendly and funny I, was able to relax and receive!
Much will fall asleep in the Middle staff(^^)

Women and their late 30's and housewives
Once experience to improve and leave the machine back to the practitioner was feeling pretty good.
Of was thinking extra long facial Décolleté Massage in the Pack, but done so far! It was long and high satisfaction.

Mid. / 40s
Passed the mirror after you've done half-face to face, surprised! Face line was totally different!
Great-it was up toys-(*^_^*)

Women / 10 late / student
Facial was happy enough steam in a pack of Athena while moisturizing, and then falls asleep.
We're glad it was windy and cold day is a warm, home. I think we want to go there again.

/ Women's / 40's part-timers
Facial I felt too good on the way fell asleep and no memory.
My right eye had bothered by feeling back home, and it's recently lowered eyelids and getting bigger, I was surprised.

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