Nagoya facial Salon "Beauty & Healing SAKURA
It is women want to skin you want to become a small face, not symi and want to moisturize skin sliding on side.
Shop out of Nagoya Municipal Subway sakurayama station No.4 exit, right away.


[From 1/5 is a start:

[Open 1/5] . Nagoya facials specialty Beauty & HealingSAKURA Izumi Koma (izumimako). . 2018Start of year was that between professed end SAKURA even salon business in the current fiscal year from 1/5 also start annual bags offer are so stay tuned! enjoy the info up for bags can be booked on LINE, mail and telephone (^-^) LINE @, (Could be registered only if the delivery does not start) favorite stamp press, registered delivery in below for your skin care and beauty . Nagoya-Shi Mizuho-Ku sakurayama facial esthetic Beauty & HealingSAKURA (Beauty and healing Sakura) -Exfoliating facial menu HAAB / customer feedback, access and availability < in phone book"(there is a say for the first time, as much as possible make a reservation by phone please) 080-8977-8129 (10:30-21:00) for cases * in the treatment and can't come to the phone. Please wait for a while back, so I'll call you. Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Mizuho-Ku, Mizuho-Dori 1-37-1 the Mork sakurayama 401 hours(3→ system varies in availability check) 10 (1):30and (2) 14:00and (3) 17:30~ Customers Nagoya City is, of course, Nagoya (sakurayama, Showa-Ku,, Mizuho-Ku,, tenpaku-Ku, Midori-Ku, Minami-ku,, Naka-ku, Nakamura-Ku,, Kita-ku,, Moriyama-Ku,), Inazawa, Kiso, Hashima, Gifu, ōgaki, much city, Kasugai, Komaki, Konan, iwakura, Nissin, Yatomi, Tsushima, love-Shi, oharu-Cho, Kariya, anjo, OBU, Kiyosu, North Nagoya And we come from. Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

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[Availability] 2018.01.01 current

Is the availability of the latest guidance (2018.01.01Now) 1 / 1() x 2(Fire) x 3(Water) x 4(Wood) x 5(Gold) 15:30 (4) 18:30 6() 10 (1):30 (2) 13:00 (3) 16:30 7(Day) x 8() 10 (1):00 9(Fire) (2) 13:00 10(Water)(2) 12:30 11(Wood) (3) 18:00 12(Gold) (2) 12:00 (3) 15:30 13() x 14(Day) 10 (1):00 15() x 16(Fire) x 17(Water) (2) 14:00 18(Wood) 10 (1):00 * Change reservation status at any time, there can be adjusted, corrected is the latest new information please feel free to contact. Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-Shi Mizuho-Ku, complete reservation system & girls and private facial Salon Beauty & HealingSAKURA Izumi Mashu (Izumi or this) facial esthetic Beauty & HealingSAKURA (Beauty and healing Sakura) [...]

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