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[Aging Beauty Facial]



Such, to the age skin that can not be supplemented only by normal skin care and facial esthetics

A menu of pinpoint face and body jams and stagnation that can be done only because you are a professional, and lift-up and aging of the entire face around you.
SAKURA popular ity No with metabolic up support of the whole body. 1The treatment of

The lift-up effect of the face, body temperature, and body is outstanding.

"The Way of the Treatment"

Cleansing & Cleansing - Raw Collagen Pack - Decollete & Shoulder & Neck Lymphatic Massage - Lift-Up Face Massage - Spot Whitening Care - Gypsum Pack - Arm Massage - Head Massage - Finish

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[Stain intensive facial]

It is a stain intensive facial care for those who want to seriously tackle the trouble of [stain]. It works on the root of deep-rooted stains, and to make beautiful skin with a sense of transparency.
"The Way of the Treatment"

Cleansing & Cleansing > Dull Clear Face Massage -> Whitening -> Vitamin C Derivative Introduction -> Placenta Pack -> Spot Whitening Care -> Head Massage -> Finishing

[Skin Regeneration Facial]

Awakening the original bottom force of the skin by reviving cells from the root of the skin [skin regeneration facial]

No matter how great your approach to your skin problems with cosmetics, if your skin cells are not healthy, they will not lead to results.

Therefore, it is a menu that gives power to the root of your skin, which helps to repair and rebuild the dysfunction of troubled skin from the root, and to cultivate the power to increase production of growth factors (EGF, FGF, IGF, KGF) with your own skin.

"The Way of the Treatment"

Cleansing & Cleansing - Clear - Skeletal Adjustment Massage - Skin Rejuvenation & Growth Factor Serum Introduction - Elastic Activity Pack - Head Massage - Finishing

[Beauty Peeling]

Beauty peeling to return the turnover (skin regeneration cycle) of the skin that tends to go mad with age to the original cycle. To healthy and lively skin.
"The Way of the Treatment"

Cleansing & Cleansing -> Dull Clear Face Massage -> HAAB Peeling Introduction -> Penetration -> Head Massage -> Finishing